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moto60 recommandé par jason (17/10/2018)

Enjoyed meeting moto60 so much-had a nice 2 hours of exchanging holds and conversation. Very strong and customized his strength to my type of play wrestling. Such a gentleman and look forward to meeting him again. Do not miss an chance to meet him.


pshawfocus recommandé par SWInnes (17/10/2018)

Top class bloke, easy to arrange meet and did what it said on the tin. My intro to full GP work and what a good intro it was. He talked me through all the stages, punches, elbows and tramples. All in a safe and sane manner.

Although working my gut over with some intensity, I felt comfortable under his weight and in his company. My abs may think different later on.

Easy going guy to chat with on/off the mats, hope to meet again.

Thoroughly recommend pshawfocus for a GP session to anyone and everyone.


Second meet today and so glad we found the time to fit it in. Increased intensity and style of strikes but still all safe and sane. More pressure applied and lasted longer with this immense GP master, he knows how to work it.

Let's hope meet 3 appears on the cards soon.


Another fantastic meet, managing an injury is frustrating but was in safe, very effective, hands., he sure knows what to do. Here's to the next meet, let's see what happens then.


andilupi recommandé par boyjobber (17/10/2018)

Andi is a very welcoming and warm guy. Definitely gave me a big amount of squeezing with his legs and I enjoyed every second! I look forward to next time.


finest recommandé par Txwresl (17/10/2018)

Great fun wrestler. In beautiful muscular shape, handsome and knows his skills well. We did have limited space but rolled back and forth. Enjoyed it tremendously. Afterwards had a wonderful
Lunch with great conversation. I certainly want to do
It all again!
Highly recommend!


plm77 recommandé par Squashee83 (17/10/2018)

Plm77 est hyper sympa et respectueux, le combat avec lui etait un grand plaisir. Très fort, puissant et dure ou plutôt impossible de s'échapper de lui une fois qu'il réussi une prise et te bloque complétement. Il sait très bien ce qu'il veut sans prise de tête, ce que j'ai bien apprécié en lui.


LegerContreLourd recommandé par plm77 (17/10/2018)

Mec très sympa que j'ai rencontré lors de son passage à Paris.
Très résistant, de bons réflexes. Une bonne différence de gabarit.
Du lift , squeeze et squatch avec une résistance à toute épreuve.


The Pit recommandé par NaughtyButNice (17/10/2018)

Had a good workout from my match with The Pit. I enjoyed our match in spite of the different wrestling style we have. He is passionate and really into Amateur/Olympic wrestling. So, I can say that he can be a perfect fit for you, if you’re looking for a good kind of match! 👍🏼


Txwresl recommandé par finest (17/10/2018)

Had a good fun wrestle with this friendly, in-shape guy during his visit to London. Space was a bit limited but we made up for it with a give and take match.


Squashee83 recommandé par plm77 (17/10/2018)

Après avoir discuter pendant un bon moment, une rencontre de dernière minute alors que chacun sortait du travail.
Squashee83 a su bien me recevoir avec rdv sur le quai du métro. Direct chez lui.
On a commencé par du squashing et le mec est super résistant. on a commencé doucement pour augmenter la hauteur du saut! De bons abdos résistants à mon poids et une capacité à soulever le ventre poru vous pousser vers le haut.
Puis un peu de lutte où il a su démontrer une superbe force et résistant. Dur de retourner le bougre ou de le saisir = on s'est épuisé tous les deux et mutuellement contrôlé une seule fois.
Une bonne résistance au bodyscissor. Et un peu de lift.
Un mec cool, pas prise de tête avant, pendant et après le match.
je note le côté très respectueux. je le conseille fortement


ramesh recommandé par asichiguy (17/10/2018)

I had a great match with Ramesh. While we were fairly even when it came to build and size, he totally wiped the mat with me – in a good way. He's strong and experienced, but at the same time he was always careful to make sure I was having a good time and wasn't getting hurt. 10/10, I would meet up with him again.

63242 recommandations