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GYMGUYLA recommandé par Talldavidla (17/1/2017)

A match with Gymguyla is a great work out. He's strong as an ox, built like a brick shit house and a terrific guy off the mats. Had a great afternoon match with him and am eager for the next one. Challenge him and you won't regret it. Bring your gear and get ready sweat. You'll have a blast.


matthias recommandé par WrestleMeSF (17/1/2017)

Matthias is a great guy, I was lucky to meet up with him while he's visiting SF. He's an expert fighter and much bigger than me, but he knows how to adjust to smaller guys. He also taught me a few techniques and we had overall a good time.


Slim66 recommandé par liketopin (17/1/2017)

Sup Studs!!

I would like to start of by saying that Slim66 is a all around great guy!!
I had a ball wrestling and laughing with him! He brought his A-Game which is something I totally appreciate! He has gained tons of respect from me.

Slim66 is strong and offers a great battle on the mat. I am looking forward to our next match and many more after that. He is very intelligent and easy to talk too. He had me thinking hard a few times on the mat which made me say UH, OH!! Lol ;^D

A blast to be had for anyone who meets this guy. Whether on or off the mat, you will enjoy his company. I recommend him to any and all!!

LTP (Named By Slim66)


Wrestle5280 recommandé par nightstranger (17/1/2017)

Fun match with a cool guy. 5280 is a tough, aggressive stud on the mats and has a withering bear hug!

Hopefully a rivalry (however lopsided) is born.


Scooter recommandé par Thong Jobber (17/1/2017)

Scooter and his husband totally squashed me and my bf. It was a super hot time. They both knew the exact way to treat some jobber boys.


psrassle recommandé par AJtheWrestler (17/1/2017)

I've wrestled this guy consistently for years. Always a great host, tons of fun and very strong.


WOSgrappler22222222 recommandé par NorthNotts (17/1/2017)

Wow great match with this great guy. Wrestled and chatted for a while tonight. Strong guy who is well built. Will definitely meet again.


epj303 recommandé par gordonbelly (16/1/2017)

I met this guy some years ago and finally found him on this site. He was friendly and one of my first experiences (maybe my first) in the world of squashing and tramping. We met just for a few minutes, but it was fun.
Hope I can meet this guy again.


jezulo recommandé par toughjobber1 (16/1/2017)

Had a great time wrestling Jezulo. He is a tough wrestler and built solid. If you ever get the chance to wrestle him, I highly recommend it.


Navyguy recommandé par Rock Hard Pete (16/1/2017)

15th January, 2017
We were at a group meeting today. I didn't wrestle Pat until the end of the session. What a great finale! This man likes to give bears a hard time and I was no exception! Good wrestling and good company off the mat too. Highly recommended.

43263 recommandations

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