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JackBC recommandé par nwprograppler (24/4/2018)

There is a lot that has been written about Jack already which I’d agree with however I’ll try add my own comments.

Firstly arranging this match was so easy to do and before we hit the ring we’d had trash talk aplenty. I had no doubt this young rookie could back it up!

It is not often that I’m the smaller opponent in the ring being 6’1 but with Jack he dwarfed me!

We started off with some give & take and showing how to execute holds and counters which he quickly took on board. He’s a quick learner and with experience behind him I’ve no doubts he will be a formidable opponent. If he uses his assets wisely he will get many a Wrestler into serious trouble and get them tapping out! That’s when he decides if he wants to heel or job.

The match was so much fun. 90 minutes of sweat drenched wrestling. He’s like the Duracell bunny in that as soon as you’ve got him to tap he’s up and ready to go again.

Lovely guy in/out the ring and he’s a must meet as you’ll have a blast with him!


ScotLaird1 recommandé par looney45 (24/4/2018)

Met ScotLaird1 after wrestling him years ago and losing touch a very nice guy and very skilled on the mats even allowing me to try out some holds on him, great host and very competitive fighter - highly recommend to anyone looking for a competitive bout
Update 3/10
Met Rob many times since the last recommendation and each bout is always a good workout and fun. Always end up learning something from him each time we wrestle and now at the stage of getting him to tap out a couple of times - although he still gets his revenge :)
Get together with Rob when we can for a wrestle and throughly enjoy our meets - we both get agressive but still stay within limits and each time we meet he shows something new. Word of warning he has perfected arm locks and knows more than i ever thought was possible!


funpro123 recommandé par nwprograppler (24/4/2018)

So I was fortunate enough to finally pin Funpro123 for a Brit pro match and it was most definitely worth the wait. Before we’d even met the banter & the trash talk was very evident so I knew this was going to be good.

He stepped through the ropes looking every inch the pro wrestler which was fantastic as it brought memories of world of sport back to me. We were almost identical stats which meant I’d have to step up a gear!

We traded a few holds training and showing some counters and then it was down to business for some give & take and whilst I had the upper hand if you give Funpro123 any leeway he will grab it quickly and force you to submit. He’s naturally strong so he will keep you busy.

To surmise we’d had a good solid 3hrs wrestling, and both having had a great bout. Genuine affable guy that you cannot help but get on with!

Round 2 is being planned as you read this........

Can’t recommend him enough!


Yill29 recommandé par Max Martin (24/4/2018)

Luchador increíble, te hace sacar lo mejor de ti en la lucha, sin duda quiero luchar nuevamente con el, fuera de la lucha es una gran persona con muchos valores, lo súper recomiendo!


arniebaby recommandé par BoxerWOB (24/4/2018)

Arniebaby ist ein netter und zuverlässiger Typ. Auf der Matte lässt er gern die fiese Catchersau raus. Wir haben uns ein lages hartes Match geliefert. Am Ende hatte er großen Spaß daran mich zu dominieren. Na warte Du Sau! Das nächste mal wische ich die Matte mit Dir!!!!


The Bear recommandé par Seniorboxer (24/4/2018)

Greg hatte mich eingeladen und da ihm der Ruf voraus eilte, ein mehr als erfahrener Wrestler zu sein, war ich schon angespannt, mit ihm in seinem Ring zu steigen. Es war mehr als schweißtreibend, Greg hat mich so weit gefordert, wie ich konnte, aber ich habe mich immer sicher gefühlt, weil er sein Handwerk beherrscht.
Das verlangt nach einer Wiederholung, zumal wir uns auch außerhalb des Rings gut verstanden haben. Eine Empfehlung für alle, die mal in die Welt des Catchens eintauchen möchten.


shortandstockyOH recommandé par yonkerswrangler (24/4/2018)

recently met this guy at fest in pa had a great time wrestling him dont be fooled by his stature he can be fierce on the mats lots of great energy lot of fun to wrestle and very sharp witted too great guy to wrestle so i highly recomend wrestling him if you get the chance


BoxerWOB recommandé par arniebaby (24/4/2018)

Der Kampf mit BoxerWOB war megacool, nach langem , harten und Schweiß treibenden Verlauf konnte ich ihn dominieren und letztendlich besiegen.

Eine Revanche kriegt er auf jeden Fall


JHK49 recommandé par vocaljock (24/4/2018)

Met J at Fest this weekend. He was very willing and interested in giving me my intro to GP. J enjoyed thumping away and "tuning" me up for another round. J has a knowledge about him that made it, for a "GP virgin", enjoyable for me. He's very willing to work on anyone, whether it's GP or wrestling. Give him a shout when you are near him.


ncusa0313 recommandé par Viking Warrior (24/4/2018)

Had an awesome Greek style oil match with this guy and it was amazing. Somewhat short of time, but still well worth it. An incredible handsome young man, blonde Nordic looks, and great build. Wrestling was pretty evenly matched, lots of hard muscle on muscle body contact.
Certainly look forward to our next meeting,

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