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Tino recommandé par Germania (25/3/2017)

Tino sieht sehr gut aus und hat nen sehr sportlichen Körper. Das fighten hat viel Spaß gemacht, er hat viel drauf. Abseits des Kampfes ein sehr sympathischer Typ.


Jobber4943 recommandé par lincolnwrestler2004 (25/3/2017)

Genuine and fun to hang out! I had a great time wrestling with this dude. Having a conversation was easy and interesting. :)

Strongly recommended for anyone who loves to heel.


adamnwsa recommandé par hrylegs (25/3/2017)

I've been wrestling Adam for years, he's a great guy and a very tough opponent. Highly recommended!


GregWrestler recommandé par taureau (25/3/2017)

Gregwrestler was quite tired when i have meeted him, we had short time to play together. This was long time he hadn't have competitve meet, i have to wake up the wrestler hiden inside him.
I hope to meet him again and appreciate his progress, to become regular opponents, learning from each other cause he has interesting fights backgrounds.


iltwn recommandé par Military Wrestler (25/3/2017)

Iltwn is a tenacious fighter but the difference in size and strength proved too much for him. He kept fighting and put a lot of efforts in every single round and made me sweat to make him tap out.


Zack recommandé par cram (25/3/2017)

Muy buen luchador tiene mucha experiencia y muchos conocimientos. Imposible vencerle. Hemos disfrutado mucho y espero repetir pronto!!! Gracias Zack!!!


Military Wrestler recommandé par iltwn (25/3/2017)

Military wrestler is strong as an ox! He uses his size and power very effectively and he knows how to put you in holds. I had a very fun match and am now nursing a sore body to prove it. He accomodated the size and weight difference and Im grateful he gave me the chance. Highly recommended!


gpuncher recommandé par berber (25/3/2017)

Ganz spontan hatten wir einen tollen Fightabend, zuverlässig und wie abgesprochen.
gpuncher ist ein junger flinker Ringer mit viel Power, Ausdauer und den richtigen Instinkten.
Er ist resistent und seine Gegenwehr macht das Siegen schwer. War cool unser 2 stündiges schweißtreibendes Match. Fair, hart und sicher mit viel Fun. Jederzeit wieder. Super Erfahrung Dich als Puncher zu ertragen. Meine beste Empfehlung.


BullMuscle recommandé par Coleman (25/3/2017)

Had a great time wrestling BullMuscle. He is extremely strong which kept me on my toes in regards to my game plan to take him on. Nice guy on and off the mats. Definitely looking forward to the next match.


wrestlingforfun recommandé par pretocombat (25/3/2017)

A refaire !
Super randori en gi avec de bons échanges de prises, d'immobilisations et d'étrangelements. Mec très sympa !

45095 recommandations

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