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Dixit recommandé par bikermanrr (30/4/2017)

Un chic type , bien droit. C est sports. Difficile à déplacer ou à retourner. J ai été dominé tout le combat. J ai du juste résister. Un combat ou on doit se surpasser , trouver de nouvelles techniques s améliorer ....... un régal au tapis mais aussi agréable dans l ambiance d un week sports et amicale chez lutteur sympa


crabladder recommandé par Steeleyes (30/4/2017)

29.04.2017 Due to an earlier possible meet walsallgoodguy asked if I would agree to see him at crabladders home.WGG and I had a session for about an hour,with CL advising me.Derek is a most obliging/trusting host and we tackled each other,with rests for tea/coffee,for about 5 hours.!! He endlessly caught me by surprise with body scissors,then taught me how to do head and neck scissors,boy do I have the bruises to prove it.He is much fitter than I,but my stamina did not fail me,a great test of strength and fitness for me with A LOT of humour, and surprises thrown in,from him.He is a pleasure to be with.More of the same please Derek,well recommended


leanaussiemuscle recommandé par fghtr (30/4/2017)

Yes, absolutely, I had a massive weight advantage but this guy doesn't give in easily. He is fit, agile, strong and determined and we had a great time wrestling.
Super-nice guy on and off the mats and I think I have made a friend, too. Highly recommended.


Noobwrestler recommandé par Friendly Heel (30/4/2017)

Great guy who is desperate to win, but came up against a guy a little bigger and more experienced than him. Though he seemed to enjoy being put into pro wrestling moves and made to suffer. Hope the back and guts are no longer hurting you. Very highly recommended.


Amirul recommandé par Friendly Heel (30/4/2017)

Met at short notice this charming young man.
Great jobber and great company, showed me an excellent place to eat very well, near my hotel and cheap. Wish I had more time to meet him and wrestle again, but very short time in KL and very little free time after getting my arm sorted out!
Highly recommend Amirul for a meet.


Tagos recommandé par wolfmad (30/4/2017)

Finally Tagos and I met. Was such a nice meeting! He is very kind, but once we started, he showed me how hard he can go at it. And once he catch you... no many chances to escape! He locks hard and tight, and just needs to wait until you give up. So I spent a great time with him, sweaty and demanding match. Very reliable guy off mats, good friend to spend time with :) very happy to meet him


NewFighter36 recommandé par Dirka (30/4/2017)

Ich freue mich wirklich die erste Empfehlung für diesen tollen Kerl schreiben zu dürfen. Wir haben uns nach gerade mal 24 Stunden getroffen und ich bereue es nicht. Er ist ein mega sympatischer und absolut zuvorkommender Gastgeber mit einem gigantischen Body. Er hat die stärksten Hände die ich je erleben konnte und auch sonst richtig Power.
Auch für ein nettes Gespräch ist er super geeignet. Newfighter36 wir treffen uns wieder, garantiert 👍


walsallgoodguy recommandé par Steeleyes (30/4/2017)

29.04.2017.Met walsallgoodguy for the 1st time at crabbladders.Roger my tongue is the best exercised part of my body.hehe.Shame the session was shorter than you wished due me getting lost on the way.I had been warned about your leg scissors,others are recommended to try to get out of your grip,no chance! After you left Crabbladder taught me how to use my legs better,so watch out.Cheers Sir


i love muscle recommandé par fullwellfighter (30/4/2017)

I have met i_love_muscle on several occasions, including when he was Bearboi.

Gari is a really strong opponent. His wrestling skills are extremely good and so are his techniques.

Off the mats, he is very much a great guy and I look forward many future meetings.

If you ever get the chance, I do recommend that you meet up.


ctrwash recommandé par ThefiremanDC (30/4/2017)

Easily one of the nicest people I've encountered on the site. He's genuinely a good guy and is all about having a good time. He's eager and open to learning about wrestling. Gut punch him! He'll love it. Safe and sane. Reliable. Good guy on the mats and even better guy off the mats. Enjoyed our conversations! Looking forward to the next time! Thanks Bob!

46207 recommandations

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