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wrestlefun1 recommandé par shortandstockyOH (21/1/2018)

A lot of fun on the mats. Small guys rule, and he is no exception, quite strong and quite full of energy...and a good time was had with him on the mats! Look forward to doing it again!


WolfinLondon recommandé par tasci (21/1/2018)

Met WolfinLondon this afternoon at Grove Park.
Had really good workout myself and shared some moves to him. With a few months of a training the guy will be improving and grading his skills. He is naturally very strong and got the power to give hard time to even experienced wrestlers. I highly recommend him and I am sure this will not be the only one session as WolfinLondon is willing to learn and meet him guys, keep him work to improve.
Ps: not at last he is really nice guy


B2Bomber recommandé par cdnwrstlr (21/1/2018)

Had an awesome match with this very friendly and fit guy! Despite my size and strength advantage, he was feisty on the mats from start to finish and definitely made me work him in all kinds of punishing holds to elicit each “”I submit”. Off the mats, he was sociable and just a great down to earth person. Look forward to offering him a rematch beating next time he’s in town! 😎😝


Chirookie recommandé par Mike86 (21/1/2018)

I appreciate that Chirookie stepped up for the challenge. He’s got a nice worked out body and the wrestling instincts are starting to come together with some pointers. Definitely recommend him for a match.


LdnGrapple recommandé par StormSub (21/1/2018)

LdnGrapple very kindly agreed to meet me within hours of me joining this site.
He showed me some basic moves to learn and talked me through the rough basics of submission and graeco roman wrestling.
Fantastic to meet him, made me feel welcome and comfortable in a new environment.
I’d gladly recommend him to other newbies and hopefully I’ll get another bout with him after getting more experience under my belt.


Cr-cb recommandé par wrestlingmicha (21/1/2018)

Cr-cb is a young and very talented wrestler. Even he is still new to wrestling it is a lot of fun wrestling him. I never thougth that his legs have so much power, if you are inbetween....good night :). He his very polite and we had a safe and sane match, I would love wrestling him again. 100% recommendation!!!


YourekOfficial recommandé par Steeleyes (21/1/2018)

20.01.2018 in Gorton matroom had a 2.1/2 hour pro-training session with Yourek.He is an excellent safe teacher;very patient and follows a strict typed schedule of his own.He will make you repeat and repeat until you get the moves done correctly.He will laugh freely with you if you go wrong.A very sociable man off the mats as well with an amazing grasp of English 100% recommended


Ben skull stephens recommandé par rezla123 (21/1/2018)

Finally made it into the ring for a full session with Ben. He arranged everything, made it very easy for me and he's good company.
We had a classic two hour brit pro encounter, he wanted to explore his jobber side so I spent a very enjoyable two hours controlling the match and his head and limbs.
He kicked out of several pinfalls before I weakened him sufficiently to pin him for a 3 count and several submissions & falls later he failed to beat the count of 10. I had to cover his mouth and nose to mute the screaming :p
Put me over beautifully, took everything I gave him, sold or real. A proper pro. Recommended.


funfighter975 recommandé par Alex wrestler87 (21/1/2018)

Grandioser Fight auf den wir uns schon im Vorfeld heiß geschrieben hatten;) Ein cooler Typ der ganz schön Power dahinter hat;) Der hat halt Technik die es mir echt schwer gemacht hatte zu Punkten. Wir hatten 1 1/2 Stunden gefightet und viel Drash Talk in den Runden. Genial^^ Funfighter 975 ist sehr gastfreundlich und eine coole Type und bekommt deshalb eine ganz klare Empfehlung von mir. Ich freu mich jetzt schon auf den nächsten Fight mit ihm :-P


tasci recommandé par WolfinLondon (21/1/2018)

friendly guy, very skilled and strong fighter, I had hardly any chance to win. The matches were still great fun for me.

55064 recommandations