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WGA-Rassler recommandé par MKell (28/6/2017)

Had a great match with WGA-Rassler. He is one strong and powerful guy that loves to compete. While he is a mountain of a man, he knows how to use his weight and strength safely during a match. Off the mats, he is a good guy and easy to talk with. I look forward to round 2 and another great workout. Don't miss the opportunity to take him on if you are in the Atlanta area.


LondonWrestle recommandé par surrey71 (28/6/2017)

Four easy words - powerful, stubborn, fun and friendly!

This man is truly a pleasure to meet and wrestle - he's immensely powerful, enthusiastic and keep coming back for more - no matter what I threw at him!
He's very busy, so can be awkward to arrange a meet - but you won't be disappointed!
A novice he may be, but his power shines through and his friendly nature means I'm already wanting a second bout!
100% recommended to anyone!


wrestlingfun2000 recommandé par wrestle73 (28/6/2017)

Met Andy for a match and had a great wrestle. Our match lasted 2hrs and it was a good give and take match. He's very strong and uses his weight to his advantage. Would meet up again.


wrestlingfun2000 recommandé par Sam London (28/6/2017)

Courteous and good fun, he was welcoming and easily pinned me.


wrestlerny86 recommandé par Pitt (28/6/2017)

I liked a lot wrestling with him. He is very friendly. Recommended!


dster recommandé par Pitt (28/6/2017)

A really good wrestler and good heel. He is safe and very friendly. Recommended !


Strongnfine recommandé par Pitt (28/6/2017)

He is really strong, he could carry me easily. And very friendly !


competitive jobber recommandé par alexxwrestler (28/6/2017)

After a long time chating by MeetfIghters, we finily met in London! Very strong fighter, with amazing muscle in his legs and glutes. His headscissors are lethal, be aware!! Poor him he couldn't fight me back properly after I snap his balls! Ahahhahah
Competitive Jobber is really polite and wrestles safely all the time, it was a really nice afternoon meeting!
Highly recommended!!


hertsdog recommandé par PuncherforGP (28/6/2017)

Have a really nive gp session with hertsdog and Abs200. He have a the great body shape. Visible six packs and can take really hard punches on his body. Hope can meet him again.


abs2000 recommandé par PuncherforGP (28/6/2017)

I met Abs 200 and hertsdog at London . He is a really good man for gut punch for both give and take. But as a puncher I just punch these two guys' abs. He can take loys of and really hard punches on his body. So high recommend him. If you into gut punch, he is a perfect guy for you.

47792 recommandations

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