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Ludovic recommandé par bikermanrr (23/10/2017)

Un special welcome a Ludovic . Son premier combat, mais un adepte du Cross Fit ,et cette discipline lui a deja apportée la resistance et la force necessaire a un lutteur , donc il ne lui reste plus qu a pratiquer et s entrainer , car les prises sont deja intuitives . J ai passé un excellent moment et hesitez pas a le faire progresser car il vous fera progresser aussi


xxcliffxx recommandé par Newbiemike (23/10/2017)

Had a great time with Cliff. Intimidated by his pics, but he's a nice, strong, patient opponent who made sure the match worked for both of us. Great guy off the mats too. Look forward to another match.


tightbriefs4u recommandé par ButchBoots (23/10/2017)

Had an awesome time with breifs, he put me in backs to back submissions, put my body to the test, he transitioned from move to move like a pro and worked me from every angle, even gave me my 1st full rubdown afterwards. Would ABSOLUTELY recommend, not to just fellow jobbers, but anyone who likes a good, sane, man-on-man wrestle session


Try2PinMe recommandé par Framateur (23/10/2017)

This guy is nice. He is respectful and playful on the mat and out.
Good professor as well, he like to give or take holds for showing and explain, thanks to him! But in match he know how to master and win.
He also can do some really good massage.
Recommended to pass a good time on a mat !


Lightweight56 recommandé par readyforit (23/10/2017)

Had the pleasure to meet Lightweight56 in a mixed afternoon of bjj and wrestling action and was pleased to confirm my hunch was correct. He's a keen fighter and is already impressive bjj skills will help him become a fantastic wrestler. I am much looking forward to facing him again on the mats.


Marcwrestler recommandé par kykramtoad (23/10/2017)

What a match. Started off with two heels going at it. Only to see who could be the biggest heel out there. Hold after hold after hold just kept coming. For a man his size puts up a great fight I'm not sure if he knew exactly what he was getting into when I said anything goes in our battle, but he soon found out how much I could take... and then ask for more hehe. I enjoyed the match and would love to get down and dirty with him again hopefully he will be ready next time for even more....


Robbyroma82 recommandé par waltyfight (23/10/2017)

Con Robbiyroma abbiamo lottato tante volte anche quando non era ufficialmente iscritto a meetfighters.
Naturalmente gli offro il mio benvenuto e posso testimoniare che,sin dagli inizi,come novizio,questo lottatore ha promesso subito bene.Forte nei bodyscissors,gambe potenti e muscolose!
Raccomandato certamente.Anche per i tag team!


readyforit recommandé par Lightweight56 (23/10/2017)

A great man all round.
Had a fantastic time trying out some bjj stuff, and doing a bit of wrestling.
I think he went easy on me!


Neanderthal1 recommandé par skinfightboi (23/10/2017)

Can't get enough of this tough wrestler who is a real fighter and never backs down from a good aggressive scrap. Tough and scrappy and a real challenge to make him tap but always safe and sane and. Would love to have him as a tag partner!


lusowrestler recommandé par vincent741 (23/10/2017)

Very strong and skilled wrestler !
It was hard not being trapped in his holds...
But he's also a very nice and friendly guy. I have learnt some moves that day too ! "Lusowrestler" is actually a very good teacher !
I can't wait to meet him again.

52245 recommandations

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