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MeetFighters.com est un réseau social pour les personnes intéressées par tout ce qui a un lien avec la lutte, les sports de combat ainsi que les personnes qui en font

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“I realised recently how many good friends I have made on this site. It's the only internet profile that I have and I can't imagine why I would need another.

The culture is here is authentic, friendly, safe and open. Newcomers and experienced fighters alike can be confident that they will find their level. Gay straight and bi-curious can mix comfortably. Abuse is rare and quickly stamped on. Phoneys and timewasters are quickly spotted and flushed out.

The site is the best I have ever encountered at fostering a healthy culture such as this, but it is the people too who make it.

I can't imagine life without it.”

Ironbull, mercredi 10 décembre 2014
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