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MeetFighters.com est un réseau social pour les personnes intéressées par tout ce qui a un lien avec la lutte, les sports de combat ainsi que les personnes qui en font

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“This site is as close to perfect as a site of this nature could ever hope to be. It seems to have more features to protect its members from those demons which lurk all over the Internet than the vast majority of similar enterprises. It is one of the very few sites of any nature for which I have actively recruited worthy men to check it out, join, and hopefully help support. And not toot my horn [but I do] I mention I recruited these men in my recommendations of them; to encourage the overall membership to check their profiles and try to ease them yet further into wrestling and related sport. I also really appreciate all the statistics you provide. I hope this site lives long and prospers.”

Spruceman, samedi 17 juin 2017
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